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see highlights and pictures of our April trip to Montreal

  Facts about Montreal:
  • 3.5 million people live in the city of Montreal.
  • Montreal was founded by the French in 1642. It is the second largest French speaking city in the world, after Paris.
  • Montreal is a crossroad between Europe and America, encompassing more than 100 ethnic grou ps.
  • Quebecois are 85% Catholic in culture, yes less than 20% attend church.
  • The society in Quebec is post-Catholic and yet anything that is not Catholic in Quebec is seen as a cult.
  • In Quebec there are over 1,000 spiritual organizations and cults.
  • 20% of all books sold in Quebec are new age books.
  • Quebec ranks number one in Canada in suicide, child poverty, divorce, unmarried couples, and illegitimate births.
  • In radically rejecting the Catholic Church, the spiritual search of the Quebecois became very eclectic and non-religious, resulting in a post-modernism more advanced in Quebec than in any other society in North America.
  • There are less Evangelical Christians in Quebec than in Cuba.
  • To have a church for every 1,500 people, over 4,000 new churches would need to be planted.

NOTE: CCFOI requires strict compliance with rules and regulations, including the rules concerning conduct, dress, and Christian lifestyle. Failure by team members, leaders, and staff to comply with these policies is grounds for dismissal, without refund or reimbursement. Team members, leaders, and staff serve at their own risk, and CCFOI is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death or terrorist acts or for transportation and other expense beyond normal involvement.